Sarah Hamadeh

Sarah Hamadeh



 Master’s Degree in Philosophy: Université Saint-Joseph. Beirut,

Emphasis courses include: General and Special Methodology in Philosophy, Philosophical Competence Issue and Other Philosophical Topics. “June 2013, is the expected period for debate on my thesis”.

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy:Lebanese University. Beirut, June 2011

Emphasis courses include: Epistemology, Arab & Western Modern Philosophy, Ethics I&II, Psychology, Logic Mathematics, History of Civilizations, General Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Eastern & Western Philosophy and Greek Philosophy.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology: Lebanese University. Beirut, September 2004 – Present. (Third Year)

Emphasis courses include: Statistics, Methods of Social Research & Analysis, Anthropology, Concepts of Sociology, psychology, Introduction to Economics as well as Social & Economics Development.

Lebanese Baccalaureate II. : Shouf National College.2004. Social and Economics.


Tahawolat Newspaper:Beirut, Lebanon.

Journalist, Dec 2012 – Present

Research, collect, write news articles and features for a wide variety of periodicals, report information to present in sources, conduct interviews, engage in research, and make reports.

 Arab Institute for East &West Studies: Beirut, Lebanon.

Researcher, June 2011 – Present

Duties & responsibilities:

Provide extensive research on related topics as needed. Extract, compile and analyze data and other information as needed. Coordinate and setup press briefings, press statements, pamphlets or other public awareness campaigns to educate public on any specific issue. Respond or draft responses to routine correspondences and other communications.

 Al binaa News Paper:Beirut, Lebanon.

Editor, September 2010 – March 2011

Duties & responsibilities:

Produce and develop original and wide variety of written materials in different ways, conduct research and articles on various topics using library and Internet research, and interviews, as well as covering social & cultural activities.

 Islamic AZAD University:Beirut, Lebanon.

Public Information Coordinator, October 2011 – April 2012

Duties & responsibilities:

Draft and edit reports, press releases and related texts, and correspondence related to the planning and production of exhibits. Coordinate media coverage of important events; liaises with news and publications agencies, public relations firms. Provide advance notice of, and information on, upcoming meetings, briefings and special events and to ascertain coverage requirements; coordinates technical arrangements and organizes and allocates space for visiting news, photo, and TV.

Al Shams News Paper, National News Agency: Beirut, Lebanon.

Editor, May 2008 – Present

Duties & responsibilities:

Writing articles on Local & International NGO’s in Lebanon, Human Rights and other Social Development Issues.

El-Balad News Paper: Beirut, Lebanon.

Editor, November – December 2008

Duties & responsibilities:

Wrote a series of articles on Lebanese Communities and their political affiliations, under the title “Lebanon, Country of Sectarian Affiliations”

Voice of the People Radio Station: Beirut, Lebanon.

Newscaster,April 2008- Present

Duties & responsibilities:

Preparing a variety of reports on topics interested to the local community to be introduced to the station listeners; Participating in preparing reports for a program entitled “municipal affairs”; Writing articles for the newscast “this may be daily submissions, one or two submissions a week or some other timeline”; Researching information to verify that information provided in the reports and articles is accurate and correct; Revising and editing as required by the news director of the station; Attending meetings of the radio station staff as required.


English and Arabic (both languages spoken, written and read fluently), ability to communicate in Persian.


Study on Darwin’s View Evolution, and Some Opinions of Religious and Philosophers;

Study on the Relationship between Art and Philosophy;

Epistemology,Inceptionand Evolution;

Knowledge at Al-Farab;

Methods of Scientific Research;

Music,mirror of eras and Tune of Events;

Politics at Ibn-Khaldoun.


Nouhad Hamadeh House, Gharife, El Shouf, Lebanon.

Email: sarahamade(at)

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