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Rear Admiral Ph.D.

Samir El-Khadem


Samri El Khadem

  1. Rear Admiral, Ph.D. Samir El-Khadem who has occupied the position of Commander of the Naval Forces for several years, was born in the seaport city of Tripoli – Lebanon on the 25thof September in the year 1942: A member of a modest, small and conservative Lebanese family.

  1. Enrolled in the Military Faculty in Fayyadieh district in the year 1962. Traveled to France in 1964; Graduated from the Naval Academy in «Brest », holding the rank of Naval Lieutenant and Engineer, in the year 1966. He then followed a training course aboard the French helicopters carrier, « Jeanne D’Arc » undertaking, in the meantime, a naval trip around the world during the year 1967.

  1. Afterwards, he joined the Navy as commander of a fast patrol boat, then as commander of a combat unit boats. He occupied several positions and was appointed as a doctrination and information officer for the Navy.

  1. Designated to fill the position of head of training and rehabilitation Division at the Naval Forces.

  1. Named Commander of the Naval Academy.

  1. Assumed the responsibilities of assistant commander of Jounieh Naval Base in the year 1974.

  1. Attended and followed a number of advanced courses outside Lebanon, i.g. (1) An Intelligence course in the U.S.A (1970); A Navy Staff course in Newport (1974); and (3) An Intelligence course in Paris – France (1978).

  1. Appointed, during the tragic events striking Lebanon in the years 1975-1976, a Liaison officer, to control and supervise operations of the Liaison bureau located in the Museum area. He exerted strenuous efforts to pacify prevailing circumstances, and calm predominant situation there, thus exposing his own life to danger!

  1. During the regime of late president Elias Sarkis, specifically in the year 1977, he was transferred to the Army Command to take up the responsibilities of (1) Head of Strategic Section; and (2) Chief of the Bureau of Military Attachés and International Organizations at the Intelligence Directorate.

  1. In 1980, he obtained the Masters Degree in History from the Lebanese University. And he represented Lebanon in many conferences and seminars that took place in Tunis, Fas, Amman, and Paris. He was also envoyed by the Lebanese Government to participate in the U.N debate, aimed at studying safest and quickest methods to deploy the UNIFIL in south Lebanon, in Implementation of UN Resolution 425, urging the Israelis to withdraw their forces from South Lebanon, after occupying it in 1978.

  1. In 1980, he entered the «American University of Beirut» to prepare for the thesis of Ph.D. in History, in the fields of politics, commerce, transport, roads relating to the countries of the Mediterranean Sea region, as well as vital and important link among these countries.

  1. Delegated in 1982 to follow a Command Naval Course in Paris, until 1984.

  1. Upon his return to Lebanon, he was appointed Deputy Commander of Naval Forces, Chief of Joint Naval Operations Center, and Instructor at the Command and Staff Faculty, in the domains of Intelligence, Naval Support, and supervision of officers theses.

  1. In 1985 he was promoted to the rank of colonel.

  1. In 1986 he was transferred to the Army Command where he has been in charge of the Directorate of General Studies in the Army Head Quarters for Planning.

  1. Also in 1986, he followed a course in International Defense Management in the U.S.A.

  1. In 1987, he was appointed Director of the Central Military Club in Beirut; He overhauled and renovated the Officers’ Club, making all needed repairs on it, and organizing its administration to be more efficient and productive. He remained there until 1991. In the meantime, he was a capable member in a committee charged with the difficult duty of collecting and receiving all kinds of weapons from the militias as well as from the political parties.

  1. In June 1988, he received his Ph.D. degree in History from the Lebanese University; its major topic revolved around « Commercial, Diplomatic And Human Relations Between Italian Cities And The Eastern Mediterranean Region.»

  1. As of 1/1/1991 he was promoted to the rank of Read Admiral.

  1. In 1991, he was assigned Naval Assistant to the Deputy of Chief of General Staff for Operations at the Army Command.

  1. Afterwards, he returned to the Naval Forces as Deputy Commander of Naval Forces, until the year 1996.

  1. Since November 1996, he assumed the position of Commander of Naval Forces, in addition to the duty of training at the Faculty of Army Command and Staff

  1. On February 26,1999, he has been in charge of the Council of Strategic and Military Studies at the Lebanese Army Command.

  1. Since September 2000 and after retirement, he is the director of the Arab Institute for East and West Studies.

  1. Member of the Association Nationale des Membres de l’Ordre National du Mérite – Section du Liban.

  1. Delegate of the Association “Aux Marins “in Lebanon.

  1. A member of the Board of trustee in the Arab Cultural Society, he has several lectures:

A lecture on “The Maasive Destruction Weapons, Its Collapses in the Region”

A lecture on “The Roots of Terrerosim; Israel’s terrorist actions on the level of the state

  1. The president of the Numismatic Society for the Arab and Islamic World

  1. Since September 2002,he is a lecturer in History at Hariri Canadian Academy of Sciences and Technology.

  1. Received many citations and certificates of appreciation and congratulations from the Army Commander- in- Chief.

  1. Decorated and granted nine badges, orders, and medals, including the Cedars Order and both the Lebanese and French Orders (Ordre de Mérite National Français Grade Officer).

  1. He is the author and translator of following books:

    1. « Firearm And Its Influence On The Orient.»

    2. « Opinions Of The Inhabitants Of Beirut Virtuous City.»

    3. « Islamic East And The Christian West: » It deals with subjects on diplomatic,political and commercial relations between western side of the Mediterranean and the Islamic World on its eastern side.

    4. «Book of Secrets, » Written by Marino Sanuto (A translation).

    5. «While Christopher Columbus was heading West, what was happening in the East? ».

    6. «The New and Revised Dictionary ».

    7. « The Art of War », Written by Sun Zi (A translation).

    8. A great number of articles and studies entirely covering the sea sector, in what relates to and deals with training and rehabilitation programs, taking into full consideration, first and above all, the high interests of the Lebanese State, inside and outside its boundaries.

Some studies and comments pertaining to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

    1. Publisher of the new book « In The FootSteps of Jesus,The Messiah, In Phoenicia/ Lebanon » written by the Proffesor M.P. Roncaglia.

    2. Publisher of the Arabic version of the « In The FootSteps of Jesus,The Messiah, In Phoenicia/ Lebanon ».

    3. Participant in translating into Arabic the book « In The FootSteps of Jesus,The Messiah, In Phoenicia/ Lebanon ».

    4. Author of the book “The War of Surprises and Deceptions -July 2006”

  1. Widower; has a daughter and two sons.

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