Society’s goals

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First: To keeping the old ancient numismatics and what relates to it of medals, manuscripts and other.

Second: To examining, studying these old ancient numismatics and what relate to it and evaluate them as historical, cultural and artistic witnesses.

Third: To displaying old numismatics to give the large audience a chance to look at as part of the national heritage.

Fourth: To inviting those concerned in old-ancient numismatics and things related to it, collectors in Lebanon, and the Arabs-Islamic Worlds, to exchange opinions and expertise and old ancient coins to spread its worth and enriching the society’s possessions, library and records.

Fifth: To participating and cooperating with the ministry of culture, the general directorate of archeology and the national museum and the Lebanese University, local, regional and international organizations engaged in numismatics and issues related of heritage, culture and others .

Sixth: To organizing conferences, exhibitions, seminars and lectures and issuing reports and brochures aiming at realizing the society’s goals in addition to encouraging and helping researchers and expertise in the field of numismatics and paper money on both academic and individual levels.

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