About Us


The Aim: The purpose of this research and media information Institute is to offer and enhance a committed service for a better evaluation of true and ethical values of different methods to approach East Mediterranean and West European political, socio – cultural and religious problems.

The Arab Institute pursues its aim by means of interrelated activities:

a – Studies, Conferences, Academical lectures, etc.

b – Planning research programs, and cultural activities.

c – Establishing friendly relationships with scholars, and Academical Institutions in the Middle East and in the West.

d – Increasing by using different means, a reciprocal knowledge, confidence, and the search of a common denominator of all forms of civilization.

e – It also intends to promote reciprocal exchange of opinions, and a reciprocal promotion of peace among different problems and evaluation in the actual societies.

The staff of The Arab Institute is composed of qualified members coming from different Eastern and Western Academies, with personal experience in Humanism and Technology.

The Arab Institute is based on the absolute respect of Religious, Philosophical, Sociological opinions, and also Liberty in approaching current Problematics. Only competence, objectivity, and good – will are required for the opinion’s interchange.


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